2019-2020 SCHEDULE

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August 28th - 5:15pm - Boys & Girls 5+

September 7th - 11:30am - Adults & Teens 14+

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The Ryan Academy offers Traditional Irish Dance classes in New Albany, Indiana. The Ryan Academy is registered under CLRG in Ireland, IDTANA, and IDTAMA. Classes are offered for children aged 5+ through adults. Dancers will have the opportunity to showcase their skills through community performances and Irish dance competitions (called feiseanna). 

Beginner (5+)

Wednesday 5:15pm - 45 minutes

Beginner (Adults, 14+)

Saturday 11:30am - 1 hour                


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Contact Us!    


$30.00 annual registration fee plus monthly tuition

0-2 hr/wk - $60.00/month

2-3 hr/wk - $80.00/month

4-5 hr/wk - $100.00/month

6+ hr/wk - $120.00/month


2 dancers: -$20.00/mo      
3 dancers: -$40.00/mo        
4 dancers: -$60.00/mo     



POLICIES (Not applicable to free, trial or open house classes)


The annual registration fee is payable at the beginning of the first class. Monthly tuition is to be paid at the first class of each month. Some months will have three classes and other months five classes. Tuition does not change with these monthly variations.


Tuition is payable  via cash, check or paypal to the Ryan Academy of Irish Dance and may be turned in directly to Olivia, or mailed directly to the studio c/o The Ryan Academy. If paying with cash, place the cash in an envelope labeled with the student and month. Payments received after the 15th of the month will be assessed a $10.00 late fee. Checks returned due to insufficient funds are charged a $25.00 bank fee.


Classes cancelled for weather or other circumstances will be covered either by make-up lessons or adjusted tuition for the next month at the discretion of The Ryan Academy. A class with an enrollment of less than 5 may be subject to cancellation. In case of cancellation all payments will be fully refunded. Parents/guardians are responsible for lesson fees, whether or not the dancer attends class. Credit is not given for missed classes.


100% refund if notified before the first class of the month.

50% refund if notified after the first class of the month.

Session Tuition will not be refunded after the second class of the month.