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Our Mission

The rich traditions of Ireland can be appreciated by people of all backgrounds. The goal of the Ryan Academy of Irish Dance is to pass on this beautiful culture to a new generation of artists through music and dance, and to encourage students to share their talents with others. I believe that the showcasing of these skills, whether in community venues or on the competitive stage, instills invaluable traits such as confidence, poise, sportsmanship, focus and determination in the dancer. Through Ceili (group) and Solo dance instruction, I will strive not only to preserve the centuries-old art form that is Irish dance, but also to enrich the community and foster the grace and integrity of every student.

Olivia Ryan, TCRG

Olivia Ryan, TCRG

About the Director

Olivia Ryan, TCRG, is certified by CLRG, the Irish Dance Commission in Dublin, Ireland and is an active member of the Irish Dance Teachers Association of North America (IDTANA) and the Irish Dance Teachers Association of Mid-America (IDTAMA). She began dancing at the age of seven with the McClanahan School of Irish Dance in Louisville, Kentucky and went on to compete at the regional and national levels. Olivia earned her official teaching certificate in 2013. Olivia founded the Ryan Academy in 2014, with the goal of sharing her love of Irish culture with a new generation of artists through music and dance.



The Ryan Academy of Irish Dance

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